Fake wounds

Why not try something
completely different for children
and adults “too cool” to get their
faces painted.
Realistic casualty effects such
as open wounds, bullet holes
and bruises are created using fx
wax, theatrical blood and paints.
Perfect for fun occasions and
promotional events.
Award winner : UK face painting convention 2006










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Fake wounds
Fake wounds in London, essex, surrey, Hampshire, kent, Suffolk, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and uk nationwide.

Fake wounds are made with the application of theatrical fake blood, fx wax, skin tone foundation and a wooden or plastic spatula. They are perfect for Halloween, themed parties or simply for scaring friends and family.

Relaistic casualty effects such as open wounds, cuts bruises, scars and bullet holes can be achieved with relative ease and a measure of patience.

Special FX Wax: This is easier to use than a lot of waxes in that is soluble in water and hence can be thinned for different uses. It can be used to make lots of special effects such as scars, wounds, and fake noses.

Cake Blood: This is long lasting and is applied either by using a slightly damp sponge or by mixing with water for application by brushes...

Theatre Blood: This is very runny fake blood, good for drips particularly around vampire teeth and cuts. light and dark shades available for different scenarios.

Gel Blood: This blood is the consistency of gel and fantastic for all special effects giving a realistic finish. It is available in two varieties - Light for a fresh blood effect and Dark for the appearance of old blood.

Spirit Gum: A type of glue that can be used to stick items to skin such as fake hair.

Tooth Wax: This is a soft black wax that can be moulded over a dry tooth to create that missing tooth look, Excellent for witches and monsters.

Fake wounds or prosthetic wounds can really generate a crowd as everyone looks on in amazement at your realistic injuries. Our fake wound artists work in islington, Camden, Westminster, fulham, west end theatres, soho, lewisham, southwark, barking, clerkenwell. Dulwich, camberwell, clapham, canary wharf, bromley, knightsbridge, beckenham, hampstead, swiss cottage, hackney, Putney, hammersmith, chiswick brockley forest hill, sydenham, crystal palace, tottenham, Charlton, Greenwich, blackheath and Chingford.